Hiroshima Fuchu Furniture Re-Branding Project

Year: 2015

300年もの歴史がある、広島県府中の家具づくりを盛り上げるため始まった、「広島の!府中家具プロジェクト」に参加し、府中市の家具メーカー"松創"と【スタイルのある「超リッチ家具」】というテーマのもと、ジュエリーチェスト”Bambi chest"のデザインを行った。

We participated in a 100-year-old event, “Hiroshima ! Fuchu Furniture Project,” which is meant to raise awareness and promote the making of furniture in the Fuchu region in Hiroshima Prefecture. The furniture maker Matsuo created the theme “Super Rich Furniture with Style” and we designed for them the “Bambichest”.
We did not want it to be a just a furniture piece to put jewelry, but rather a place to put memories and history – something that important things could be kept. Therefore, we thought that the design should have a refined yet affectionate personality. By making the legs and joints slim, the furniture appears alive and ready to move and the body weightless as if lifted off the ground. Like a new-born fawn, it appears fragile yet wills all of its power to take its first step at all costs.