Imabari Towel

Year: 2012


In response to the distinctively clean quality of the Imabari Towel brand, this new store creates a pure, open design though highly simple and repetitive elements. Firstly, a huge countertop is placed in the center that is surrounded by shelves, creating a simple composition. The large table is a display for merchandise where towels are to be unfolded and displayed. Also, the table can be used for workshops and acts as a central stage for possible various activities. The surrounding shelves are constructed entirely without nails. While using traditional techniques and applying the thinnest columns possible, the design is given a Japanese, delicate quality. In concept, the serious, straight-forward attitude found in the Imabari Towel brand is expressed through this interior as a stoic, strict atmosphere that conveys the product`s high quality.

内装設計, 工事監理