kazepro B1

Year: 2011


A meeting room for an advertising creative agency. For a company that creates avant-garde work, the meeting room is an opportunity to create a first impression and therefore a very important presentation space. The meeting space design consists of a waiting room, conference room and free space. The design of the windows and walls diverges from customary use in order to invite new ways to use the space. A bar and DJ booth are also added to accommodate to a versatile, diverse set of activities. In the waiting room, doors and openings are replaced by a hanging screen and one passes in and out through a slit opening. The conference room is constructed by a fixed module of storage boxes and cushions, stacked together to form a wall. One part of this module is a sliding wall so that when it closes all the openings completely vanish. The cushions can also be removed to create an entrance. By defining space without using ordinary walls or openings creates a new kind of space. This office is a place of infinite freedom and flexibility.

内装設計 工事監理/監修