Mercedes-Benz Connection

Year: 2011


In addition to the car showroom function, cafe, restaurant, and lounge programs were added to the first ever Mercedes-Benz Connection brand to be established worldwide. In order to advertise the brand's attractive qualities, the theme “Creating New Hobbies“ was initiated. Columns are imagined as trees with branches that bend at various angles. The light from these branches create floating silhouettes. By using light and projected images, the space becomes an organic, natural-like environment. The cafe is a space to relax and experience the interior surroundings and the beauty of the Mercedes-Benz brand and one can develop their own personal hobby. This allows future owners to continually develop and enhance the important touch points of a new brand generation, ultimately as message from Japan to the rest of the world.

ショールーム, 物販, カフェ, レストラン, バー
設計, 工事監理監修
東京都 港区