SALON GINZA SABOU 御殿場プレミアムアウトレット店

Year: 2020

アパレルブランドJUNの展開する「SALON adam et rope」は、群馬県川場村にある提携農家にてコシヒカリ『雪ほたか』を生産、現地で田植え、稲刈りまで行い、オリジナルパッケージで販売している。「全国米・食味分析鑑定コンクール」にて連続金賞受賞、ゴールドプレミアムライスに認定されているこだわりのブランド米だ。この『雪ほたか』が味わえる店として、御殿場プレミアムアウトレットに「SALON GINZA SABOU 御殿場プレミアムアウトレット店」がオープンした。

“SALON adam et rope” which JUN, an apparel brand, has been expanding produces, plants, harvests and sells in their original package “Yukihotaka”, a variety of Koshihikari rice brand, in cooperation with their contracted farmer in Kawaba Village, Gunma Prefecture.
It is an elaborate branded rice which has been consecutively awarded the gold prize by the International Contest on the Rice Taste Evaluation, recognized as Gold Premium Rice. “SALON GINZA SABOU Gotemba Premium Outlets Store” has opened at the Gotemba Premium Outlets, where you can taste “Yukihotaka”.
Inspired by the fact that “Yukihotaka” is cultivated in the traditional methods of using snowmelt water, the store owes its concept design to the scenery that Yukihotaka is produced. Rice freshly cooked in an iron pot is served, and in order for customers to experience Yukihotaka with their five senses, there is information on origin and harvest of rice and a rice polishing space. You can enjoy watching the sizzling scene of cooking rice at the cauldron room near the entrance. The seats are arranged in L shape around the lively open kitchen. 30 kinds of local specialties that go with rice are gorgeously set in colorful small bowls on the counter. Adopting white associated with snow and snowmelt for the entrance and gray as a complementary color for the back wall helps to powerfully sharpen the space. A sense of unity between the space and their business type is achieved by horizontal application of wall material, which gives a feeling that the seats continue further and also gives a look of Japanese siding structure which creates a Japanese atmosphere.

Project Team